Travel Bangladesh with Mother & Sister (4) -Sri Mangal-

Sri Mangal is famous for tea garden!
I would like to introduce some tourist places this time.

We started for sightseeing after arriving at hotel afternoon.
We chartered CNG, and the driver made a tour.

The first stop is Areca catechu forest.

Simply beautiful.
As engine sound stopped, the place became quiet.
Then, we continued to tea garden.
We could see women picking up tea leaves and carries them on their head.
However, pictures taken from moving CNG weren't good.

Tea garden the driver took us is one of the famous ones, "Noor Jahan Tea Garden" besides Modupur Lake.

Anything in the lake(pond)?


Can I push their backs?

As it was getting dark, we strolled a bit and got back.
Besides the gate, you can have a cup of tea.
The tea leaf is of course from the garden.

10tk milk tea.
Yes, it is a bit expensive(compared with 5-6tk tea on the street), but it was good!

Why don't you get a tea leaf package for souvenir?
80tk for 250g. (250g is the smallest package. smaller package would be good for tourists....)

Natural honey was also sold.
Woow, I hadn't seen how honey was taken!

Sri Mangal is also famous for pineapple.
We went to pineapple garden, too.

Small pineapple in leaves.
Then, ready for shipment.
Pineapple in Sri Mangal is very sweet and tasty.
We bought some pineapples and brought to the hotel.
It was 2 hours short trip, but we could see quite a lot.
What's left is 7 layers tea and Rawachora National Park.
But it's for tomorrow. Continued.

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