Dinajpur (2) -Ramsagar Lake & Rajbari-

I would like to write about some places to see in Dinajpur.

At first, I and my friend visited "Ramsagar Lake".
The lake is located about 20 minutes away by Auto from Dinajpur town.

This seems a picnic spot for Bengali people.
The lake has legend that King Ramnath has dug the lake for people, but there was no water because of drought.
One day God told Ramnath to sacrifice his son in his dream, and he did.
Then, lake was filled with water.

So, this is the lake.
Entree fee is 20tk and you can see a large man-made lake, small amusement park, some animals, and ruin of Ramnath's house.

Road along the lake is about 5km, so better to take a van.

Picture would have been better if weather was good...
There are very "interesting" amusement park inside.
It costs extra 10tk.
As you enter, you will run into her.

What is this....?
No.......excuse me, who is she?

Anyway, we greeted.
There was see-saw which has half part. 
Interesting place........

Then, we visited Ramnath's house.
I would not have noticed if van driver didn't tell.
In forest.....
Unexpectedly, impressive.

It would have been better if weather was good.
If you are bored in Dinajpur, you can enjoy picnic and small walking there.

Next place is Rajbari(lord's palace).
We looked for the monor and got enter temple at first. 
There were young people who carrued big cameras.

Then, Krishna temple.
Tranquil place.
Goat was eating grasses, washed clothes were flapped in the breeze...
We were about to go back, but then a Bangladeshi told us come other way.
This is the gate we entered.

Very difficult to notice, but inside this gate Rajbari is.

Please get inside. It is quite impressive.
From back side, there is a way to go up to the building.

My friend waited outside.(actually you have to jump in some places.)
It reminded me of adventure in childhood.
This place must be the perfect for kids!
There were underground path to India in manor.
The hole can be hardly seen in the picture.
The hole is half under ground.... between two holes above.
 Can you see now?
Secret path in the old time.
There are many Rajbari in Bangladesh.
However, I think this is one of the most interesting places.
It doesn't take long time from the city, so please visit there.
Dinajpur stories continue.

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