DOI (Yogurt in Bengali)

I love "Doi" which means yogurt in Bengali.
I might write somewhere before, but usually 1 kg sweet yogurt and 1kg plain yogurt stay in my fridge.

So, this time is yogurt special!!

Sweetness, acid, hardness......the tastes is different in each store.
Yogurt is available at super market, but I go to sweet shop.
Sweet doi is too sweet for me, so I mix with plain yogurt.

Let's start with plain yogurt.

<Banoful & Co.>
I go every 2-3 days to "Banoful & Co.".
Of course, I know every staff and every staff knows me.
They would ask what happened if I don't go to store for a week.
(But they would ask if I go 2 days in a row. "Have you already finished the one you bought yesterday!?")
They are my friends :)
I use this store for hiding from the rain, chatting...e.t.c.

Anyway, I buy plain yogurt there.
It usually costs 70tk in many stores, but here it costs 80tk.
However, it is tougher(not watery) 
Some stores keep yogurt in deep freezer, but they never do.
I think they maintain expire dates e.t.c. well.

Banoful & Co.
Address : 103/1 Madda Badda, Progati Soroni, Dhaka-1212
TEL: 9853694

So then, the second part is sweet yogurt.
There are also many kinds of tastes.

<Rajbhog Sweets & Confectionary>
My favorite these days is ”Rajbhog Sweets & Confectionary” near my office in Mohakhali.(right side in picture below)
1kg, 200tk.
This doi is also tough.
It is sweet, but not super sweet.
It goes very good with plain doi.

Rajbhog Sweets & Confectionary
Address : 33/2, Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212
TEL : 01712-620687

<Bikkrimpur Misstanno Bhandar & Bakery>
Next to the store, there is another one, "Bikkrimpur Misstanno Bhandar & Bakery".

This doi is soft and a bit sour taste.
Sweet doi is usually too sweet, but this one is good even without plain doi.
Bikkrimpur Misstanno Bhandar & Bakery
Address : 33/3, Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212
TEL : 01836-150538 

Sour taste is good, but if you are in mood to have rich taste, then here are the choices.
<Alibaba Sweets>
The store is located in Badda bazaar, near my house.

This store has "sweet doi" and "slightly sweet doi".
If you are Japanese, please order slightly sweet doi.......it would be still sweet for us.

This doi is creamy.

They raise the price, so it is now 240tk/kg.

Alibaba Sweets
Address:104/2, Uttara Badda, Progati Soroni, Dhaka
TEL : 01911-177420

<King's Sweets>
Along the same road, there is another shop.
This doi also has rich taste.
Not really clear in the picture, but color is more brown than white.
I don't always find, but they also have 500g package.
King's Sweets
Address :94/5, Haji market, Uttara Badda, Progati Soroni, Dhaka
TEL: 01833-684347
Most of stores I introduced is chain so you will find many in the city.
Depends on each store, there are really variety kinds of sweetness/acidity, textures, e.t.c....
Please try different taste of Doi!!
So now.......going back home.
But before, I will drop by Bonful (as always)!

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