This time, I traveled to Northern Bangladeshi.
The main purpose of this trip is Plucking litchi in Dinajpur which was the best season in the beginning of June.

The easiest way to go to Dinajpur is flying from Dhaka to Saidpur and to take bus for 1 hour.
I would like to tell a bit about Saidpur, on the way to Dinajpur.

It takes about 15 minutes and costs around 40tk by Auto(reserve) from Saidpur airport to bus stand.
You will notice strong smell of dried fish as you come close to the bus stand.
Dried fish is famous in Saidpur.
As my co-workers told, rabor cost is low and weather and less dust is suitable to dry fish. (But it was dusty as I remember.......)

A man buried in dried fish. 
A lot of fishes in strage.
I didn't know dried fish was famous in Saidpur, but my friend living in Nilphamali is often asked to bring dried fish when she visits there.
I didn't have time to buy(because I ran to the airport on the way back!), but please try if you pass (or visit) Saidpur.

One more place to visit in Saidpur is Chini masjid.
It is near the railways station.
It suddenly appeared on the road side. (yes, it stands roadside...)
External wall is like mosaic made of pieces of pottery.
Photo doesn't come well because of cloudy sky...but it was beautiful.
My sightseeing for the masjid finished in few minutes, you may not need much time.
However, you can take a look if you have chance.

So from next time, I will write Dinajpur trip.

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