Dinajpur (1) -Litchi Plucking-

Main purpose of my visit......Litchi Plucking in Dinajpur!
From the end of May to the beginning of June, bazaars are filled with litchi.
Dinajpur is famous for litchi, so I visit in this time.

I asked information at Parjatan Motel and then started to litchi garden by Auto.
The driver is hotel staff's known person, so they told he would take us to the garden.
We expected there was certain garden/person to let us do.

We were dropped off in the middle of litchi gardens.
Yes, there are many gardens.......but......what do we do now???

We went to one of gardens and explained concept of fruit plucking because fruit plucking isn't common in Bangladesh.
It was a little difficult to make them understand what we wanted to do.
So finally we said "We buy 100 pieces of litchi, but now we will eat with plucking from tree".
(I suggested to arrange or at least give information for fruit Plucking for tourists at parjatan Motel....not sure if it works!)

The best season has already finished few days ago, but there were still many!
It is "Bombay" tree, one kind of litchi.
Next to the Bombay tree, there was another kind which is called "Katari".
It hasn't matured.
Katari is expensive kind of litchi, one piece can cost 20tk.
So now, pluck from tree and eat!
However, good one wasn't available from the ground.
There must be matured litchis where we can't reach.....
Try with branch.
Obviously, it didn't work.
On the chair.
I jumped from chair, plucked some litchis, and landed on my feet.
I got some good ones.
But.......it must be the best to climb up to the tree.
I tried. Failed.
I tried again with a chair......
However......unfortunately.........it was still too high.
Strength of my arm wasn't enough to lift my body.
How sad I couldn't go up even though tree was in front of me!!
I only had frozen litchi in Japan, but eating litchi which was just plucked from tree was really great. Super fresh!
Later, we also went to Litchi bazaar in Dinajpur town.
Litchi, litchi, litchi.......everywhere.
There are variety kinds and variety qualities of litchis at bazaar.
One can cost you 180tk, but another can cost 900tk for 100pcs!
(Prices change all the time. These prices can be available in Dinajpur in Litchi's best season)
Let's me explain kinds of litchi.
At first, "Bombay".
It costs from 180tk-250tk for 100 pcs.
This is "China-3".
(There is "China-2" which is less sweet)
It has round shape.
Taste is quite different from Bambay.
Sweeter, and fruit itself is thick.
You will be able to tell the difference though you close your eyes.
It is more expensive than Bambay, 400-600tk for 100pcs.

One other kind is "Badona".
It is also very sweet and juicy......price is almost the same as China-3.
Or, can be more expensive.

Do you know what all these baskets?
Litchi is going all the way to Dhaka!
Of course, you can buy in Dhaka, but it was special to have it at the place where it is originally plucked.
Not only plucking litchi from tree, but also watching litchi bazaar was exciting.
Please visit Dinajpur in Litchi's season!
Enjoy fresh fruit.

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