Jamuna Future Park (1)

I visited Jamuna Future Park in Dhaka.
If you have come to Dhaka city from airport, you must have seen this amusement park.
I and my friend went there to visit food court and do bowling.

There is a small amusement park as we entered from entrance.
I wanted to see it moving!
Unfortunately, no one was on any ride.
(Ride costs 200tk to 400tk which isn't cheap.)
"Entrance" in Japanese?
Or, maybe Chinese?

We entered the building and headed to 5th floor.
There is nothing but sign board telling "coming soon" from 1st floor to 4th floor.
I wonder "soon" means how long in Bangladesh.

There are many stores which "sounds like" or "looks like" popular food chain.

For example, SUB......

Continued to....

What does "facefood" mean?
Any idea?

I would like to introduce one more interesting restaurant whose name is
"Crise Cardiac Grill".
What's interesting is customers sit as patients.
Waiters wear as doctor, waitress as nurse.
Customers are given "patient wear" and sit on the wheel chair.

How can I help you??
So again, let's see weird scene of the store?

Burger set cost around 250tk to 400tk.
You can try to be a patient.

It took some time just to go around the floor.
Of course, we went bowling, too.
50tk for entrance fee, and 300tk for one game at "players club".
(50tk discount will be applied by showing entrance ticket)
No big change from Japanese bowling.
We only needed to call a staff because 1 or 2 or 3 pins lacked for some times.

As expected, Bengali people doesn't seem good at bowling.
Some really "throw away" ball, ball went gutter before it reached half way....

They were not good at, but I was not any better at all.
I left Players club leaving surprising score though I don't tell this here.

Jamna Future Park is one of few amusement parks in Bangaldesh for some rich people.
This kind of holiday was nothing special and usual in Japan, which means unusual in Bangladesh.
But anyway I enjoyed this "unique" holiday.

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