Chittagong(3) -Hotel Information-

Hotel information this time.
As always, start from Parjatan Motel.

After changing buses many times(meaninglessly), I finally arrived at Parjatan Motel.
New building is now under construction, but meanwhile the hotel is located in the second floor of new railway station.
However, I didn't stay there because water wasn't available for some reason......but anyway, here is information.

Parjatan Motel Shaikat
Address: New Railway station, Chittagong
Tel: 031-611047
Budget: AC/2,000tk, NonAC/1,500tk

So, I will introduce some middle class hotels near railway station.

<Hotel Paramount International>
It is located just in front of railway station.
I forgot to take picture of the building, but room is as pictures show.
Corridor is wide and light(unlike many Bangladeshi hotels....).
Unfortunately, hot water isn't available in summer.
But if you don't mind, it will be a good choice.

Hotel Paramount International
Address: 170, Station Road, Chittagong
Tel: 031-2856771-5
E-mail: pararmountbd@yahoo.com
Budget: Tw/AC-1700, Sin/AC-1200, Tw/NonAC-1400, Sin/NonAC-700

<Asian SR Hotel>
There are many hotels around railway station.
Coming out from station, I turned left and walked straight.
Next one is this hotel.
Front is in 2nd floor.
Picture is Premium twin room.
As a result, I stayed at this hotel.
This is middle class hotel, but staff bright my bag to room, cleaning staffs make way when guests come and say hello....very pleasant staffs.
(or, is it normal.....? it must have been normal in Japan, but not sure now....anyway I was impressed.)

It was totally dark in the morning because a room I stayed didn't have window.
I overslept and my mobile insisted it was 9pm, but I didn't believe for a while.
So.......be careful.

Asian SR Hotel
Address : 291 Station Road, Chittagong
Tel: 031-636383
Budget : Sin/870-1600,Twin/1630-3200 +15%VAT

<Hotel Comfort Ltd.>
Next hotel, front desk is in the 2nd floor.
Go up to narrow stairs.

Room is.......normal.
Very normal.
Though hot water isn't available, good choice for budget traveler.
Hotel Comfort Ltd.
Address : 734, Station Road, Chittagong
Tel: 031-624346
Budget: Tw/NonAC-1000, Sin/NonAC-550, Tw/AC-1500, Sin/AC-1100

<Favour Inn>
Keep walking.
This hotel is a bit high ranked one.
You have to go through security check to enter the hotel.

Front desk is dim........
Staffs are quiet......

Corridor is also a bit dim, but room looks nice.
Price includes breakfast.
Hot water is available of course, and you will have welcome drink as brochure says.

Favour Inn
Address : 659/A, Station Road, Chittagong
Tel: 031-2864507,8
Budget: Sin-$38 DB-$48, TW-$52

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