Cox's Bazar (2) -Maheshkhali Island-

Maheshkhali Island is located 6km away from Cox's bazar.
Though it is an island, it's not so inconvenient since speed boats go and come frequently.
Many Rakhain tribe lives in the island.

Close to the port in Cox's Bazar, there is a fish market.
Before you go to Maheshkhali island, please drop by the market at first.
Make sure to visit in the morning.

Many kinds of fishes are here and there.

 Looks......a bit weird.
Then, people separate one kind of fishes to another.
Boat is filled with fish.
Impressive.......is it possible to catch this much fishes everyday???
People threw fishes into cane basket and brought to that market.
 Do you know what the guy is carrying on van?
Huge ice.
Ice is crashed into small pieces and kids spread it over fishes. 
Going through this process.....fishes go to all over the country!

So now, let's go to Maheshkhali island.
Speed boat costs 75tk for one way.
It took......about 30 minutes, I guess.(but not really remember)

As you arrive, you will find a bridge and Rikshaw waiting for passengers.
"Rikshaw? Rikshaw?"
"It's far, take Rikshaw!"

Rikshaw pullers were coming to me one after another.....the island is tourist place.
I knew it was walking distance and I wanted to walk with seeing view.

So...take a deep breath, shouted
"Amar Rikshaw lagbe na!!!(I don't need Rikshaw)"
They were a bit surprised and laughed.
Still some tried to talk to me, but other Rikshaw puller stopped him
"No, she doesn't need."
If you feel bothered, you can try this way.

Walking into city......
There are a Hindi temple and a Buddhist temple in the island.
To go to temples....I needed Rikshaw.
40tk for one way, it takes about 20 minutes.

There is long stair to go up to a temple.
Beside the stair, Rakhain people were selling their products.
Especially, this scarf is unique.
Weaved with thick wool, good for winter.
Some scarf has 2 colors in front side and back side.
A volunteer who lives in Cox's bazar said he saw this product only in this place.
It costs 200-300tk.
Very cheap.
And a vendor is very cute.(though she didn't give smile to camera!)
Going up to stair...
Scenery is good...
I realized the island is quite big.
Afternoon, it was at the ebb.
With blue sky, beautiful scenery.
Not so many things to see in the island, but it is better to leave in early time because wave could be high in the evening.