Cox's Bazar(4) -Surfing-

City with the natural longest beach, Cox's Bazar.......how about trying surfing?

I got to know the first person who started surfing in Bangladesh through a volunteer who lives in Cox's Bazar.
His name is Jafar Alam. 
(Bring photos from his facebook.......of course with permission)
How did he meet surfing?
An Australian surfer said that he would sell a surf board to Jafar for $200.
Jafar had no idea about dollar, and said that he would give him 2000tk($20).
Eventually, he got it for 2000tk.

However.....he didn't know how to use it.
He didn't know wax, leash and other things to be used together.

But anyway, he kept surfing.
After 3 years, he watched a surfer standing on the board on TV.
It made a big impact on him.
He struggled to do it, but it was difficult without wax.
It took another 3 years to know about wax.

He kept going, and one day he got chance to go abroad with support of Christian missionary from Hawaii.
He went to Bali, Hawaii, Australia.....and did surfing.

Now he is in Bangladesh, trying his best to promote surfing.
He teaches local kids, run a surfshop, work as an instructor.

The volunteer said people could stand on board quite soon when Jafar teaches.
- 1 day board rental with full day lesson(1,500tk)
- 1 day board rental(1,000tk)

You can't imagine how cheap it is compared to other countries.
Full day lesson for 1,500tk seems a good deal.
He also has package.

- 1 night 2 days for 2 persons(5,000tk)
- 2 nights 3 days for 2 persons(7,000tk)

Include: surfing lesson with board rental, accomodation, airport pickup, day trip to Moheshkhali island/safari park/uninhibited island on request..
Details → http://surfingbangladesh.com/surfing-package/

If you want to find Jafar....
1). Go to Long Beach Hotel, said "Jafar!!".
      Someone will contact him and bring him.
2). Visit his office
      Address: Dokkin Bahar Chara, Cox's Bazar
In his office, there are many surf board.
However, board is not available in Bangladesh.
(Ingredient to make board is also not available)
People donated, or left it when he left Bangladesh.
Jafar really loves loves loves surfing and has passion to promote Cox's bazar as "surf city".
If you go to Cox's Bazar, I recommend to visit him.

Jafar Alam
Tel: 01715-729777
E-mail: surfingbangladesh@yahoo.com
Webpage: http://surfingbangladesh.com/


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