Cox's Bazar(3) -Poushee-

There is a restaurant a volunteer who lives in Cox's bazar regularly goes.
It is like his dining and was mine too while my stay in Cox's bazar.

It is a Bengal food restaurant.
Go through curtain, quite a big space there.
Wash your hands, and take a seat.
Staff will bring plate, hot water, and lemon.
He will pour hot water to plate, then you wash it with lemon.
Feeling clean?
Bhorta (mashed vegetables/fish with spices) is famous in this restaurant.
"assorted" Bhorta.
There were tomato, okra, dried fish, potato, bitter gourd, eggplant, beans, e.t.c....
I have never seen this much of kinds.

Then, Rupchanda fry again.
(somehow cut into 3 pieces....)
What's special in Poushee is complementary dishes.
We only ordered Bhorta plate, Rupchanda fry, and beef curry.
Then, got this much.
Salad, pickle, daar, something with tomato and onion.
These could make me full!!
All these dishes cost 750tk for 2 people.
I tried my best, but I was still too far to finish all the dishes.

And.......later fried potato came.

For some reason, with beef curry.
But the potato was good.
Another day.
I went to Poushee for breakfast because I heard chicken soup in the morning was very good.

So, this is the chicken soup and parata!
Huge parata....
The soup is a bit like green curry in Thailand.
Maybe coconut makes me feel so.

I ate about 60% of parata and almost finished soup.
I thought I would leave parata because the oil could make me feel sick later.
When I was about to finish, a staff quickly took away the dish, filled soup again.

Of course, I finished the soup and parata.
I liked the soup very much.
Soup was 70tk, and parata was 10tk.....as I remember.

One another day.
I heard their Biriyani was also really good and the volunteer's friend praised it to the skies!
So, I went to Poushee again before my flight.
(My flight was 2pm. Lunch menu starts from 12pm....I went there at 11:45am, but they served soon)

I straightly went to a table without washing hands because I had heard hot water to wash hands would be given when you ordered Biriyani.
But why only when Biriyani??
This is chicken Biriyani.
Served with sauce, pickle, and again something with onion and tomato.
Yes, it was veeeery good.
You can smell the scent....and rice tasted good with nuts and fried onions.
150tk for a plate. (Unfortunately, they don't have half-size)

How about dessert??
I like Bangladeshi pudding.
Unlike other Bangladeshi sweet, pudding isn't usually so sweet.
Very smooth texture with simple taste of eggs, milk and sugar.
It doesn't look so big, but it was.
40tk per piece.

The volunteer said he would not be bored even though he ate here 3 days in a row.
I understand.

Pouchee Restaurant
Address: Muktijoddha Shoroni(Sayman road), Jhautola, Cox's bazaar
Tel: 0341-62343,01819-537370

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