Cox's Bazar(1) -Burmise Market-

Leaving Chittagong and going through bad condition road for 5 hours....finally came to Cox's Bazar where people say one of the best resorts in Bangladesh.
A JICA volunteer who lives in Cox's Bazar showed me around and took care of me well during my stay.
Every time someone comes, he shows them around Cox's bazar and takes restaurant...e.t.c.....so he is kind of professional.

Let's start with Burmise market.
Many products from Myanmar are available in Cox's Bazar, especially at Burmise market.
There are products of hill area tribes too.
The market is quite different from Bangladshi markets.
Very unique.
Design and taste are different.
It looks nice....but people may stare at me if I wear it in Dhaka.

This is a shop which sells snacks from Myanmar.
You will find many interesting things.

Guess what it is?

Pickles of "tree".
Yes, tree.......tree, which is plant.
It was...........sour.

I bought small packages of nuts for souvenir.
It is very hard but tasty.
Why don't you get some for souvenir or for your jaw exercise?

One more thing you have to try in Cox's Bazar is Burmise noodle.
However, it is available at specific places where you won't find by yourself.
A bit difficult to explain direction, but try to give direction here.....

At first, go to Burmise market by main road.
If you come from main city, you will find a path before bus station on your left side.
(the beginning of Burmise market)

Right side is as below picture shows.
Turn left, go straight.
There is a gate at the end of the road.
Then, go through the gate.....you will find Burmise noodle place at the corner of garden.
There are 2 kinds of noodles.
One with soup and one without soup.
I and the volunteer ordered different kinds.
This is soup.
Broth is made from fish....
 This is one with soup.(20tk)
It doesn't taste "Bangladesh".
Not spicy, but very mild taste with tasty fish soup.

Another is without soup(25tk).
Noodle is mixed with sauce, served with the soup.
I liked the one without soup more.
Noodle with sauce was good, and I liked texture too.
I wish it was available in Dhaka......then I would have eaten everyday.(till I am bored, maybe)

Most of Japanese love this noodle, but him.
However every time someone comes to Cox's Bazar, he takes them to this place and eats noodle together.
So he has it quite often.
Thank you for accompanying me!

Burmise market where you can find different taste of Bangladesh...let's enjoy unique atmosphere.

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