Cox's Bazar -Others-

Even though I have lived in Bangladesh for 1.5 years, I still find something new especially when I go out from Dhaka.
What did I find this time in Cox's Bazar??

1. Seafood fry
City with ocean!
From evening, stall keepers start frying sea food.....like crab, fish e.t.c.
I so wanted to try......but unfortunately, I didn't have space for fried stuff at that time.
Ummmm...next time.

2. Snack stall for breakfast
I have passed there.....around 9am, I think.
However, snacks weren't ready.......(I expected something inside the pot, but nothing)

What is impressive about this stall?
He (will) have pasteries, boiled eggs, and tea.....so your breakfast will be completed!
In Bangladesh, people often sell only one item....but here everything at a stall.
Very reasonable, isn't it?

3. Parata stand
He is preparing Parata......and when it's done, hangs it.
In Dhaka, I see  people throwing fried parata on big plate and make a pile.
In this way, parata must stay better!


By accident, I found something was fried.
In 2 kinds of shapes and sizes.
Fried bread with simple sweet taste.
Especially when it has just fried and you have it, it will melt in your mouth.
Only 5tk for a small piece!
I hope I found it in Dhaka.....!

It is always very exciting to find something new on the way of my trip :)
Thank you for reading Chittagong & Cox's Bazar trip!

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