Cox's Bazar(5) -Himchori & Inani-

30 minutes from Cox's Bazar, Himchori is the place you can see waterfall which is very rare in Bangladesh.
(Most of land in Bangladesh is flat)

Entrance fee is 150tk for foreigner.
Get ticket, and go up stairs.
Keep going......
You will find nice view on the way up.
Then, go up more!
From the top of hill, you will find a small souvenir shop and cucumber stall.
How about cucumber with view of beach? 
I met a Bangladeshi couple who traveled from Dhaka.
The guy have been to Japan for Cricket game, and we talked with eating cucumber.
(I usually don't eat at cucumber stall....but it was good after exercise which means going up stairs!)
By the way....he said he couldn't eat Japanese food so survived with only fruits and yoghurt drink for a week.
Later, Bangladeshi staff arrived and cooked curry....ummmm.

By the way......where is waterfall?

"Not here. It's near entrance."

But it was worth coming up to hill.
I went down and down, found waterfall.

It was Sma............ll, to be honest.
Bangladeshi people was having fun with waterfall, taking pictures.
Even under waterfall!
Will it be his facebook picture?

Then, I continue my way to Inani Beach where coral stones are found.
Picture is dark because of weather.....
But with sun light, beautiful.

There were boys collecting shells.
I haven't noticed, but there were a lot.
Boys collect shells to make jewelry or sell itself.
They picked up beautiful ones and gave me.
Though I know I won't use it or won't bring to Japan, I brought shells to home because smile of boys was so lovely.  
Short trip from Cox's Bazar, enjoy a little different kind of beach.

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