Cox's Bazar(6) -Ramu Village-

Ramu is a small village 30 minutes from Cox's Bazar by bus.
Many Rakhain people lives there and there are many Buddhist temples.
I visited to see Buddhist temples and sleeping Buddha.
Bus to Ramu starts from Burmise market.
On the bus, I found people looks a little different.....more like us, Japanese.
After about 30 minutes, I got off at bazar.
OK, let's ask people the way......but then, I found.
I couldn't understand what they were telling!!
It was certainly Bengali, but different accent from Dhaka Bengali.
People understand my Bengali, but I don't understand their Bengali.
I was saying like
"sleeping Buddha!"
"Big temple!"
Then, people got me bus.
If you arrive from Cox's Bazar, turn left and take auto.
It takes about 20 minutes.(I don't really remember)
Getting off Auto, you have to walk 10 minutes to the temple.
It was nice walking with blue sky and green field.
Then, suddenly I found Buddha statue!
I was surprised because it was bigger than I expected.
It's very new temple.(built in 2002)
Woow, it's quite nice especially with blue sky!
I didn't expect much, but it was good surprise.
Later I came back to the bazar and visited 2 temples.
Those two are in walking distance.
The first one.
The second one.
Both new and beautiful.
There were not only local Buddhist people, but also tourists who seems Muslims.

If you have enough time in Cox's Bazar, make a short trip to Ramu.
Temple (especially the first one) is worth visiting.

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