Tangail -AJIYER(5)-

I have already introduced some of activities, but let me add some new experience I had this time.
Among many activities, most of students said Indigo Dyeing was the best one.
We had brief guidance about indigo dyeing, and then tried.
White scarfs were distributed.
However, I had no idea what to do with it.
Some students had experience in Japan and they knew what to do.
To make design on scarf, we needed to roll the scarf to bamboo stick or tie with rubber.
White parts remain white when they are not exposed to Indigo and it becomes design.
Difficult to explain!
Just go there and try it.
Students trying.
Then, soak into Indigo.
If you want light color, don't soak for a long time.
After drying, open it.

 How is it?

I couldn't imagine how it would be like before opening the scarf, but there are different beautiful designs.

So, take group picture of a professor and students.
I couldn't help uploading bigger side of picture.
They are so....funny and cheerful.

We have also visited a local school.
However.....it rained in the morning.


Needed to walk into field!!
Environment of schoold is quite different from Japan.

Children are so friendly and curious about foreign country and foreigner.
They asked questions.
"What is your name?"
"What is Japanese national animal?"
"What do you eat in Japan?"

They also showed us paper works and sang a song.
If you like kids, school visit will be fun for sure.

There is a lot of activities in Tangail.
Contact them if you are interested.

Webpage: http://www.ajiyer.com/

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