Cox's Bazar(7) -Fisherman's village-

I will introduce fisherman's village in Cox's bazar.
If you ask Bangladeshi, they would say "there is nothing special to see", but it was interesting for me.
You can see processing dried fish.

The name of village is Shomoti Pala.
It takes about 20 minutes from Cox's Bazar city.
It is a short ride, but road wasn't good.....so keep it in your mind.

As I arrived, I found the villege half into water....
Let’s walk on the wall.
Oh, no wall.......
Then, take off shoes and walk into water.
Are kids going to go to school?

Passing through village, you will find natural beach.

On the beach, village people catch fishes or sit together. 
They are picking shrimp's baby and sell shrimp farm.

If you are interested in dried fish precessing, you have to go further into village.
I waited for a while and caught Auto which sometimes passes.

I came to a small beach.
There were some ships.
A fisherman told me that I could have seen many ships if I came earlier. They are now on the ocean to catch fishes.

A lot of fishes were carried...
Women prepared fished to hang.
There were fish, fish, fish and fish.

Finally found dried fish!!
Placed on table or hung.
It was worth coming to see.
A looooooot of fishes hung is very interesting scenery.
Atmosphere is quite different from Cox's Bazar city. It is really fisherman's village.
It is not easy to reach the place, but you will be able to manage somehow.
It will be interesting expereience.

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