Dhaka International Trade Fair 2014

Dhaka International Trade Fair 2014 has started on January 11, a little delayed because of general election and political instability.
However, this big annual event could start!

I heard it was the big fair, and it was.
I bought ticket and went through the gate.

It was larger place than I expected.
There are 471 stalls and pavilions(28 is foreign stalls from 12 countries).
Electronic company, funiture, interior goods, cloth and shoes, carpet, food (ica cream, daily products, snacks, noodle....)...there were a lots of pavilions.
As for foreign country, I found Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and so on. 

For example, there is a instant noodle company I often see...

Snack company I often see.....
The biggest NGO in the world, "Brac" has one.
They sell not only cloth and craft items, but also milk and frozen food products.

Of course, there is a lot of stalls for cloth.
It was easier for me to do shopping because I didn't need to ask staff to open and show clothes every time I am interested.
(At bazaar, clothes are piled and customer can't see by themselves)
In addition, price was written!
So much easier.
I got fabrics for 2 clothes.
One costs 350tk and one 700tk. Good price.

For men....suit?
I understand they sell fabrics, not pants........but still the manikin is too weird.
Isn't he?

I don't know why, but there is a post office.
Staffs sit and are bored with no customer.
However, you can get Bangladeshi stamps here.

There are some attractions for kids.
This train runs faster than we expected.
I am not sure if going around and around and around the small place can be much fun, but it seemed so.

"Dremon" , Japanese anime character is popular in Bangladesh.
The face seems something different.....but doesn't matter.
Kids seemed enjoying.
There was even 3D theater.
I entered with my friends.
The movie was something like the one I saw in Disney Land.
The most interesting was......Bangladeshi audience.
Kids tried to catch images, people cheered or screamed.
30tk is worth paying for this 15 minutes short theater 30tk, I think.

However, many of pavilion were still under construction.
I wonder.......
They must know when it starts.
Why didn't they prepare in advance to start in time?

Unfortunately, I know the answer.
Because this is Bangladesh.
So, I recommend visiting not right after fair starts, but a bit later.

We visited around noon, but more and more people were coming when we were leaving.
If you want to enjoy with less people, better to go in the morning.

Place:Bangabandhu International Conference Centre
Term:Jan.11, 2014- Feb.11, 2014
Time:10:00 a.m-10:00 p.m
Entrance fee:30tk(20tk for children)


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