Tangail -AJIYER(3)-

Good morning!
The second day's program started in the early morning.
Before we left, we had Bhapa pita as morning snack.
Then, started.
We passed weaving village we visited yesterday, hearing sound of weaving.
They work from this early morning.

I doubted if morning market could be interesting for me who used to do shopping at market.
However, the first thing I saw was milk in bukets.
Farmers bring milk from each house's cow and bring it to the market.
I buy most of things at market, but mlik I buy in Dhaka is always packed.
Vegetable was chaper than Dhaka, so I bought califlower and garic.
I believe no tourists have bought vegetables at that market.
I have to admit that bringing vegetables from Tangail to Dhaka wasn't the best idea......but anyway it was good and cheap.

After breakfast(of course, we had breakfast in addition to morning snack),
We left for reseach center again.

We saw a woman making "Muri".
I have eaten it several times, but never seen how it was cooked.

It was made like "popcorn".
As she roasted, it popped.

After that, we helped(or disturbed) grainig crops, and left for village.
The first village we visited was pottery village.
Do you have any idea how to use these rings made of clay?
For exapmle, well.
I have rarely seen well, so it was interesting and a little scary to see into deep hall.

Next, we visited silvermith village.
and movedvisited an old mosque.
The tourguide was willing to BE TAKEN picture, but not to TAKE picture of us......unfortunately.

Each village we have visited has one business(weaving village, silvermith village...e.t.c).
Village people used to tourists not very much but slightly, so people don't stop their hands and show us their work when we visited.

However, you can also experience being "foreigner".
As we looked kitchen house (Kitchen is outside, stands as one house), people gathered.
And took my arm and brought us to their house, gave food.
It is one of interesting and beautiful thing in Bangladesh.
Even they used to tourists somehow, this warm atmosphere was there.

We finished our tour in the morning, and left Tangail after lunch.
It became busy but fun weekend holiday.

I missed "Bhapa pitha making" because I changed the date.
Since some programs change by the day, please check in advance.
It is very good place to experience Bangladesh village without traveling for long distance.
Tangail is only 3 hours bus ride from Dhaka.

Webpage : http://www.ajiyer.com/

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