Tangail -AJIYER(1)-

I have visited Tangail where 3 hours distance by bus from Dhaka.
For what?
To take my sister who visited me to somewhere outside of Dhaka.
Tangail is good location for one day trip.
There is research center named "UBINIG".
Accommodation of a travel agent "AJIYER" stands besides the center.
AJIYER works for developing community tourism, and I booked through them.
*Community tourism
It aims to include and benefit local communities.

The tour starts from 11 a.m, so we started Mohakhali bus terminal in Dhaka in the early morning.
Bus brought us to Tangail in 3 hours. (Bus was around 170tk....maybe)
We took CNG(not reserved, so it costs only15tk) to Pathrail.
It took 15 minutes or so.
Arriving Pathrail, I just kept saying "UBINIG" and people showed the way.

I passed by Mustard field......
Kept walking.......
If you didn't know, you may not notice the building.
However, there is pretty accommodation behind a door.
As we arrived, a staff offered tea and morning snack.
(Popular snak is Samosa or Shingara.....but somehow it was fried potato)

Then, we left our bags in room and started for tour.
But before leaving, some pictures of the room......
Pretty room.
So, let's start. 

At first, we visited Seed Wealth Centre.

In each jug, there is different kind of paddy.
There are around 3,000 kinds!

Then next, headed to weavers village.
Tangail is famous for saree.
There are 2 ways of weaving, one is "Jacquard system" and another is "Nokhshi Buti".

This is Jacquard system.
Pattern is in the weaving machine.
It takes 3 days for weaving for a saree.
After weaving, extra strings are cut.

It takes 5 hours to cut, and people get 800tk for one saree.

Nokhshi Buti is done all by hand.
I heard it took about a week for a saree, and workers get 1,400tk.
I asked how long they worked a day.
Usually 8 a.m-8 p.m, was the answer. (though they can come later and leave earlier if they don't feel like to work though...)
But it was impressive how much work is done only for a saree!
Strings are also produced in the village.
A man in the picture walks with reeling a long string.
 Dyed strings were hanged.
Walk in the village a little more, loooong saree was reeled.
Besides them, children played badminton.
Our tour guide joined badminton, too.

Don't we go back?
It is getting colder unless we play badminton!
In the evening, we came back to the accommodation.
The day continues......but I will take break here. 


  1. What was the cost of the day tour, and how did you reserve it or show you want to do it?


    1. Sorry for late reaply.
      It costs $45 including accommodation, food & snacks, and tour.
      Here is their webpage.