Local Bazaar

Where do I buy food?
There are some supermarkets in Dhaka.
However, I don't go there unless I need some imported food or minced meat.

I use local bazaar near my house.
So, vegetable is from vegetable shop.
Fruit from fruit shop.
Banana from Banana shop.
Chicken from chicken shop.
Fish from fish shop.
Shrimp from shrimp shop!
Different kinds of food come from different shops, but each is not necessarily fallen into their category.

For example, I bought cilantro leaf.
Then, carefully take out something different.....
I don't know what to do with unknown leaves which was tied with cilantro leaf.
Are they possible to eat?
Maybe I won't die.....but......

One day, I bought small shrimp.
Then, see this variety!!
I understand other small fishes can be taken together.
But there are so many water snails.
I can cook small fishes with shrimp, but not water snail!

However, shrimp was cooked with all the fishes except water snail.
They are mixed, so I can't tell who ate the strange fish on the left in above picture....but no one hasn't died yet.
Please be careful when you are invited to my home :)
Do you visit Bangladesh local market?
Don't look for organized orderly market, but look for something interesting.
Then, it will be one of the most exciting markets in the world.

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