Tangail -AJIYER(2)-

Today's tour hadn't finished.
We took rest with tea until evening "Cultural program" started.

It was music and dance.
People played Lalon song and some farmer's song.
I didn't really understand what they sang about, but one was about rice.
A man sang up names of 127 kinds rice paddy.
Another man sang 55 kinds of fishes....
They led us play instrument like small tambourine, but we weren't sure how to use.

At last, we also sang Japanese song.
It was fun....just the better, if there were more tourists to sing together.

After singing, dinner was waiting.
There are all types of curries.....vegetable, fish, beef and bean soup(of course).
In addition, we had chicken barbecue.

I say, the taste is a little different from local curry.
I can't explain well, but the taste is more.....sophisticated.
It was very good, but just different!
Maybe they make it for tourists.
So far, my sister liked it. (She said it was less spicy)

After eating a lot.....we needed some exercise.
As driver and cook asked for joining badminton, we did.
Of course, we didn't mean to play hard since we had taken shower before dinner.
However, somehow we played seriously.
We were about to leave, but then doubles game started!


It wasn't no longer cold when we finished 3 games.
We got back to room tired, and slept well.
As all of you can imagine, we had to move like robot because of muscle pain the day after.
Continues to next day.....

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