Old Dhaka City(3)

Old Dhaka tour produced by my counterpart Bappi, part 3.
We saw actually for meeting, but let me introduce a restaurant he took us.

I wouldn't have noticed unless anyone took me.
The restaurant "nana" famous for Irani Dom Biriyani is the second floor of a building.

As you pass entrance, you will find counter and playgound for kids.
We ordered THE "Irani Dom Biriyani"!!
It is the Recipe from Iran, and was brought by Ahsan Ullah(Asan Manzil, a famous palace in Old Dhaka was named after him).
The recipe is originally from Iran, but prepared by Bangladeshi style.
So, this is found nowhere except this restaurant.

The biriyani is served by clay pot, which represents original style.
(but aluminum foil, a new style prevents you from seeing the pot.....)

In Bangladesh, food is usually not really "hot" (if it is, eating with hand is difficult.)
But it served hot(so that better to eat with spoon)!

Rice was soft and rich flavor, onion fry on the top was crispy. 
"Gee"(Fat from milk) is used for Biriyani, so this dish is basically oily.
However, I didn't really feel it was so oily.(of course it is, but not extremely!)

Biriyani is often served with "Boorhani".
The green drink you can see in the picture.
It tastes......sweet, spicy, sour at the same time.
In the drink, yogurt, mints, green chilly, coriander, pepper, sugar, salt e.t.c....
The taste is too complicated to explain.
To be honest, I didn't really like it.....but Bappi finished 3 glasses.

I am not sure if you understand from the pictures......but the rice is huge amount.
I am sure I ate 3 times as much as usual.

Then, one of business partners asked if we ordered chicken.
I doubted my ear.
Did you now say chicken after Biriyani.......?
Not dessert?

After finishing Biriyani, chicken roast was in front of me.
"No way....."
Bappi simply told me,
So I did.
It was a bit too salty, but taste was good.

Address:3, Wise Ghat, Islampur, Dhaka

Then, we left the restaurant......and moved to another store for dessert.

The store is famous for "Faluda".
Faluda is Bangladeshi style parfait.
This store has run about 200 years!
Entrance is small, but deep to the back.
This is Faluda!!
No, it is "Special faluda".
There are vermicelli, fruits, ice cream e.t.c......and eat with mixing ice.
It is not that sweet, actually good.
I would have enjoyed more if I had a little bit more space in my stomach.....
Outside of the store, a staff was crashing ice. 
This is special lassi.
After finishing meeting, I met up with a friend.

He took me to the same store(this store is famous!!), and then we had Lassi.
By the evening, I could make some space for Lassi.
Lassi is my favorite drink. Yes, it tasted good.

<Beauty Lasshi Faluda>
Address:30/A johnson road, raishaheb bazaar, Dhaka -1100Menu:
Faluda  normal:60tk/special:80tk
Lassi    normal:25tk/special:35tk
Lebu shorbot(squash):15tk

At the day, I skipped dinner...of course.
I sit up until midnight, but still wasn't hungry.
I was about to die of too much eating, but somehow my body managed to digest.

There are many old famous restaurants in Old Dhaka.
Local people know well, and definitely it's Bappi's "garden".
I will update information if I get any.
(but have to be careful not to die of eating.......)

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