Sri Mangal (4)

I have mainly introduced wedding ceremony, but let me tell a bit about Sri Mangal. 
1. Lowacherra National Park
In the morning, we have visited Lowacherra National Park.
This is preserved rain forest where many kinds of wild animals like Hoolock Gibbon live.
This is 7km away from Sri Mangal station, so you have to take CNG.
Air was fresh.....walking through the forest in the morning was special.
You will find small souvenir shop and tea shop which serves 7 layers tea.
My co-worker bought hats for all of us....how do you think?
Looks a bit strange with that cloth??
What I liked the most is railway in the forest.
If you visit there, please wait for a while beside the railway.
With whistle, train passes through forest.
I wanted to stay more to wait next train to come.
However, we didn't have much time, and my ticket was for 30 minutes.
There is some kinds of tickets depending on time.

Lowacherra National Park
30minutes   200tk($5 for foreigner) 
1 hour         300tk($7 for foreigner)
3 hours       500tk($10 for foreigner) 

30 minutes passed in a second.
(Is this expression correct? 30 minutes in a second sounds funny, but you know what I meant.)
Taking enough time and hiking is one option for you.
A little more information of local product.
What is famous in Sri Mangal?
Besides tea, pineapple is also well-known.
Small small pineapple.
Even this one is kind of big.
(because I picked up quite a big one...)

20tk pineapple

The season is coming.
This kind of pineapple has sweet intense taste, and was really good.

It was so good that I looked for pineapple the day after in Dhaka.
I am not sure if it was different kind, but small pineapple cost 60tk for piece in Dhaka!(but still about ¢50...)

Please try pineapple in Sri Mangal as well as tea.

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