Sri Mangal (3)

The day of Wedding ceremony.
At the day, groom goes to bride's home and takes her to his village.
Wedding ceremony is organized at bride's home.
Groom is supposed to leave his home at 11 a.m, arrive at bride's home at 1:30 p.m.
We visited groom's home before 11 a.m.....but they didn't seem ready to go.
Do you know why?
Of course, this is Bangladesh.
While we were waiting, we watched magic.
He is a member of professional music group, but also good at magic and talking.
See the boy's eyes??

He made small plum(which is now season in Bangladesh) appear on his hand, and gave it me.
He said to eat it, so I did.
Then, he took it out from my belly :)
(I mean, he snapped his fingers near my belly.....and a plum was on his hand)
Half pass 11, a ritual started.
Groom and his brother sat on the mat.
People came and dropped money, touched groom's head.
Groom bowed and touched his/her foot.
Touching foot shows respect to the person, and only elder people than groom do this ritual.

After this, groom stepped out from the mat(it seems there is certain step he has to take) and went out from home.
Car decorated with flower was waiting for him.
He rode the car to bride's village.

More than 10 cars were waiting for all the guests.
Cars made line to village.

However.....it was already 12:30 when we left.
He was supposed to leave home at 11:00 a.m and arrive at 1:30 p.m.
But.......troubles continued.
Groom's  car ran out of gas, had some engine problem on the way.....
it was already 3:30 when we arrived.

But then, bride's family was waiting for the groom's arrival with flower.
They made line for welcoming them.
It was lovely.

Groom came in, and music follows.
Before ceremony started, lunch(at 4 p.m.....wasn't it dinner?) was served.

Of course, curry.
Seafood is mainly served.
"Rich food" like meat and fish is served mainly like this event.

Event was supposed to start from the evening, and supposed to continue until midnight.
However........I am sorry, I came back before it started.

Why did I do 3 hours journey to bride's village?
But excuse me, my cold got worse and we had to take night bus leaving from Sri Mangal at 8 p.m.
So instead of the story, I will tell you an interesting custom for wedding.

Groom visits bride's home to bring her with him.
The most emotional moment for bride's family is when he took her to his village.
(people especially bride's parents cry.)
Then, young kids from bride side hide groom's shoes.
Yes, they try to disturb groom to take her!
If they succeeded, they will say something like...
"If you want shoes back, give me 5,000tk!!"
Then, bargaining will start.
It is for fun.

What is more interesting is that groom's family tries to prevent his shoes from being stolen!
It is a fight between both parties.
I wanted to see the it.

I didn't see whole process of wedding, but it was still very interesting.
Wedding ceremony is one of the events culture is presented.
Thank you for all giving me this precious chance.

Children in the village

Scenery on the way back from Bride's home
Finishing story of wedding, I will introduce some more information about Sri Mangal next.

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