Sri Mangal (1)

I have wanted to visit Sri Mangal and finally got chance.
My co-worker invited me for a wedding ceremony of Monipuri tribe in Sri Mangal.

They have their own culture and a man whose son was going to get married is a community leader of Monipuri tribe.
He and my co-worker has worked for tourism development together for 20 years.
Co-worker told me to bring camera, and so.....I went!

We started by train in the morning.
My co-worker, his daughter, and me.
I took train before, but it was at night....so it is actually first time to enjoy scenery from the window.
It is also the first time to travel with Bengali people.

As I am getting out of Dhaka, the scene gets "Greener".
Field was beautiful.
Men working in field, Women washing clothes in the pond, children running, cows and goat walking on the streets......
Life of people was seen from the window.
It was beautiful.

When train stopped at the station, people are coming to sell snacks.
Orange, banana, cucumber.....
You can expect I had to keep eating, traveling with Bengali people!
At first, orange.
Then, chips.(surprisingly, a pack per person. Surprisingly, I finished)

Then, tea.
It would have been OK if tea was the last.
You know what came next??
Chicken cutlet & Chicken fry & bread with butter!
It was nearly 12:00, so I wanted to believe it was lunch....(and of course not)

Anyway we kept eating on the train....and arrived earlier than we expected.
Next thing we did is looking for 7 layer tea which is famous in Sri Mangal.
There are some places where 7 layer tea is served, and this restaurant is one of them.
Wait for a while......and here!
70tk for a glass
Even though you shake the glass, layer remains.
It wasn't sweet in the beginning, but the bottom part(maybe ginger) was very sweet.
You have to try it if you ever go to Sri Mangal!

SathRong Restaurant
Address:Ragib Super Market Radhanagar Bhanugach Road, Sreemangal
   (in front of Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Gold)
Mobile : 01738-980567
e-mail : sathrong_res@yahoo.com

For some reasons......we had tea with french fries.
My trip(to keep eating?) continues....


  1. I am watching Sri Mangal through a pair of Japanese eyes....as i haven't been there

    1. Bangladeshi watches Bangladesh through eyes of Japanese?
      Take a bus, and you will be there within 4 hours :)