Sri Mangal (2)

After filling our stomach full, we headed to a house of Monipuri tribe, Mr. Anand.
We had lunch there(I thought I could die because of too much eating), and talked about tourism he has been working for.
He and my co-worker have worked together to develop tourism regarding Monipuri culture since 1994.
He told there were foreign tourists, but it is problem they don't have any information online.
I inquired information for this blog.
Even though there is potential, tourists won't find if there is no information online.

Main event for the day is ceremony called "Gaye Holud".
It takes place the day before wedding ceremony.
In both bride and groom house, family and relatives put turmeric on bride/groom's skin.
Turmeric is said good for skin......so make skin beautiful before wedding ceremony.
It's the concept.

The ceremony started at 7 p.m.
We took a rest, and had "snacks" before going to the venue.
Snacks......means fried noodle and soup.

My co-worker said
"Fill your stomach, and you don't have to worry when next meal will be served."
But I was worried,
"When I will have to eat again......"
After eating whole day.

Anyway, with full stomach we went to the venue.
As program started, music was played and people were coming.
Children brought cake and set it on the table.

Then, groom came in.
A man made announcement to start the program.
His parents went to the stage, and put termeric on his skin.
Then, groom give a piece of cake to his parents, and so did their parents.

One ofter another, family and relatives went to stage and did the same.
Mr. Anand offered me to go to the stage, too.

Even not every participant went.
It seemed only close relatives did.

However....I took this precious chance he gave.
Went up to the stage with my co-worker and his daughter, gave him a big piece of cake, put turmeric on his hand.

And, a picture.

I tried to get down from the stage quickly, but was stopped.
"His father wants a foreigner coming all the way from Dhaka to give a speech"

What do I say????

But somehow......I did.
After finishing turmeric session, music and song were played.They were really professional, and music was so great!
Then, cousin of groom sang.
 and danced....
Dance and music was still going on, but we left around 11 p.m.
Of course, we had Dinner(!!) before we left.

At last, I will give information for guest house we stayed.
The name is "Holiday Guest House".
(what a pupular name for guest house!!)
Dining room.

Room is......normal, I didn't have any problem.
We are supposed to have hot water....but unfortunately, it was broken.
So unfortunate!!

As I took cold shower.....
I started sneezing, had headache at night, had sore throat next day.....
Wow......have I been that weak?
But be careful, Sri Mangal is colder than Dhaka.
Especially in the morning and at night!

<Holiday Guest House>
Addess:Sri Mangal Rd. Bhahugach, Komlogonji, Moulobhi bazaar

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