Arunima Resort Golf Club

This time, I will introduce a resort in Narail(East of Jossore). 
Arunima Resort Golf Club is a hotel which embraces huuuuuuuge land.
They joined JATA travel fair last year and my sister worked for them.
Since then, the owner told me to visit their resort.
After half year later, as my colleague advised me to include to my itinerary, I got chance to visit.

The resort is totally in nature.....so access isn't good instead.
1.5 hour bus ride from Jossore to Lakshipasha Narail which is the nearest station.
Then, take van/bike taxi/auto 20 minutes to river.
Then, take a boat to cross the river.
Then, take van/bike taxi/auto again for 20 minutes more.
picture of river

Isn't it a beautiful place?
A chair is hang from tree, so you can sit and relax.
As I arrived, friendly staffs welcomed me with coconut juice.

In the evening, sky was full of bird.
There are so many that sky seems black.
White birds make some trees white on the other side.

Besides pond, a man was doing fishing.
In a short time, many fished were caught!
It was very quiet place.
You can only hear the sounds of bird and fish jumping.
If you are tired of sounds in Dhaka....it could be a heaven here.
For dinner, I had chicken & fish curry and vegetable fry.
Chicken was from their own farm, fish was caught just 2 hours before, and vegetables are from their garden.
Ingredients are good and fresh, and cook was also good!
At night, you can sing a song with harmonious and drum.
Any idea what I tried to take?
You can find many at night.
In the morning, the path to the restaurant.
Green is vivid, sun is bright :)
Breakfast is typical Bangladeshi style, parta with omelet and vegetable curry.
and fresh juice!
After breakfast, I went to explore the huge ground of the hotel.
What I was so excited was........tree house
I love climbing up to tree for some reason!
Taking off my shoes, I was climbing.....
Actually nothing prominent was there.
You can just climb up and go down.
But I enjoyed a lot.
Next to me enjoying tree house, fish catching started.
3, 4 people held a big net to scoop fishes.
Then, there is a playground for children.
Can you see slide which goes to pond?
Water level was low at that time, but children can slide into pond.
(though I don't want to jump in the pond.....may be eaten by fish)

If you go right time, you can pick up fruits like mango, litchi, and jack fruit.(oh, maybe impossible to "pick" jack fruit)
Cow, horse, and chicken were also seen.(though not for hunt)
Many kinds of vegetables are grown.(This, you can pick up)
Self sufficiency rate is very high in this hotel.
I didn't see other guests, but the hotel must have some income from their own farm.
So now, I will introduce accommodation.
This is the room I stayed.
Though hot water isn't available, room was comfortable with AC.
There are too many types of rooms to introduce here, but cottage is one of the good ones. 
I like inside decoration too.

Besides cottage, it's all nature.
Boat house may be your choice.

*3 of these accomodation is 3,000tk x10%(sevice charge) x15%(VAT).
Please check their webpage in details.

If you want to enjoy your holiday in nature, this is a choice.
Festival is organized occasionally, so please check in advance.
<Arunima Resort Golf Club>
Address : Vill- Panipara, P.S.- Naragati, Dist- Narail, Bangladesh


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