After a long time, I have been out of Dhaka city.
This time, I visited Bagerhat and Jossore.
The biggest purpose of this trip is visiting Bagerhat, called "Mosque City".
Access from Dhaka isn't really good, but I flu to Jossore where the nearest airport is.
Then, took bus from Jossore to Bagerhat.
This is AC bus to Kurna(200tk).
It was easy because it directly goes from the airport.

It took 2.5 hours from Jossore to Kurna.
I was half asleep on the car, and hit my head to window time to time.
I must look funny.

To Bagerhat, I needed to change bus in Kurna.
Taking local bus one hour, I finally got to Bagerhat.
It seems a long way, but it was still around noon when I arrived.

"Mosque City" Bargerhat, Worrier KhanJahan Ali built is now registered as UNESCO world heritage site.
Though most of mosque has gone, still many are spread in the village.

At first, I have visited "Kodla Math" which is located 10 km away from main area.
Since there is no public transportation, I had to reserve "auto"(electric 3 wheeler).
It costs 300tk.

Passing villages,
 Then, the Kodla Math appeared.
Standing in quiet peaceful place, it was beautiful.
A driver kindly took a picture of me.....
Thank you.....
But why is the picture so inclined??
(My camera even has a function to show horizontal line...)

Walking around and taking picture, it was already lunch time.
As the driver invited me to lunch at his home, I went.
Fried egg.
They prepared fried egg which was the best I had in Bangladesh!!
Then, he showed his house and his cow's house.
I didn't know cow's house has mosquito net.
Then, I realized it was almost 3 o'clock.
I only saw a mosque!

I hurried to another mosques.
There is no sign, but people show the way as you said "mosque, mosque".

Walking into villages with cows,

"Bibi Begni Mosjid" appeared.
You will find description.
Walking more into villages,
One more mosque.
Mosque itself is beautiful, but I enjoyed more walking around villages which is like labyrinth.

However, one weird thing in this area.
Every kids I saw said "Give me pen".
I asked why, and kids said
"to study"
"because I lost"
Good quality pen is available for 5tk in Bangladesh.
So, I told them to ask their parents 5tk for pen.....but really all the kids asked pen.
More than 10 kids for sure.
Possibly foreign organization distributed pen to kids before.
This mosque city is lovely, but the "pen kids" surprised me....

Story back to the mosque city.
I haven't introduced the biggest mosque in Bagerhat, "Saith Gumbad Masjid".
Entrance fee is 200tk for foreigner.
This is a pond next to the mosque.
Sun was getting down, then mosque was more beautiful.
However, light came from wrong side when I tried to take picture.
Morning may be better in terms of light.

The last place I visited was Khan Jahan Ali Mazar.
Next to Mazar, there is a pond a crocodile lives.
It is said that Khan Jahan Ali came with crocodile.

People wash their hand and feet.....but don't worry, crocodile won't eat you.
Since it is believed feeding crocodile brings good luck, people sometimes give chicken or goat.
Once crocodile eat, he doesn't eat for a week.
So don't worry.
But unfortunately, I didn't get chance to see crocodile.
Another mosque is near the Mazzar though I couldn't take good picture because it was getting dark.
It is a small city, but half day wasn't enough since I walked around slowly, talked with village people.
Visiting this hot season wasn't the best idea....so I recommend to go a bit cooler season.

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