Mongla is the entrance of Shundarban.
This is a small town, but let me give some information.
At first, "Shundarban honey" is available in Mongla.
Crossing river by boat, there is market and economy hotels.
Picture of riverside
This is one of the honey stores whose name is "Modu(honey in Bengali)".
It seems closed because it was colsed.
A shop owner opened shatter for me.
Full of honey bottles!!
1kg honey was 600tk. A shop owner scooped honey from this bucket, and
poured into empty bottle.
1kg honey was 600tk. (I got quater)
It is still in my fridge, but doesn't get hard.
Honey is also avaliable at Parjatan Hotel I introduce below for 400tk/kg!
<Parjatan Hotel Pashur>
The hotel is very busy and sometimes fully occupied.
AC room wasn't available when I visited.
As I have no AC at home nor office, it's alright.
There is no high ranked hotel in Mongla.
If you seek quality, this hotel must be your choice.
<Parjatan Hotel Pashur>*****************
TEL : 880-4662-75100
Budget: AC/TW:2,000tk Non-AC/TW:1,200tk

<Hotel Bangkok>
Hotel Bangkok.......WHY Bangkok??

Because, hotel owner has been in Bangkok.
This is Twin room.
Bathroom is Bengali style, but kept clearn.

A Japanese girl had been stayed at this hotel, the owner told.
He is very welcoming person.
<Hotel Bangkok>**********************************
Address : Main road, Mongla, Bagerhat(is this address…??)
TEL : 01711-397531
Budget : SIN/150tk-250tk  TW/250tk-500tk

<Hotel Singapore>
Next is Hotel Singapore.

Close to the port, pink pink building.
But.......WHY Singapore???
Because beacuse......."Singapore is developed".
Can it be a reason to name a hotel???

Room is something similar with Hotel Bangkok, but may enough for budget traveler?

<Hotel Singapore>***********************
Address : #1 Paka jeti  road, Mongla, Bagerhat
TEL : 01950-131788/01920-282371
Budget : SIN/200tk~  TW/300tk~

<Hotel Amin Internatinal>  
A bit higher ranked hotel(compared with former 2) was opened in 2013. 

This is Single room.
Quite new.
The rank of this hotel is between Parjatan Motel and former 2 hotels.
If your budget is 500-1000tk, it's your choice.
All 3 hotels are in walking distance.

<Hotel Amin Internatinal>***********
Address : Main road, Mongla, Bagerhat
TEL : 04658-73110/01725-819453
Budget : SIN/500tk~ TW/800tk~

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