Baro Bazaar

The last part of this trip is to Baro Bazaar which is located near Jossore.
There are many old mosques in Baro Bazaar.
Taking bus from Jossore (palbari), you need 30 minutes.
From Jossore, it's quite easy access.

It is convenient for you to reserve a van because each mosque stands in distance.
Riding van under sun (around noon it was), I visited mosques.

The first one.
Wall is beautiful.
Then, the second one.
Each mosques is not really big.
However, roaming in villages by van, watching scenery.....and when an old mosque appeared, it impressed me.
How peaceful?
Field, sky, trees, and horse......
and pond.
The city reminded me Bagerhat, but easier access.
If you have chance to go to Jossore, it is one of the places you can visit.

I will introduce one another place near Baro Bazaar.
The place called Kaliganj is famous for Banyan tree.

It is only 10 minutes bus ride from Baro Bazaar.....
However, 5 minutes Rikshaw ride from bus station to another local vehicle(Tempu) station.
Then, 25 minutes tempu ride.

This is a place Banyan trees grow. (but not so big place)
If you take a picture,
A Bengali guy stands in front of your camera.
OK, one more picture without him ....
I haven't looked Banyan tree carefully, but it is very interesting.
Can you see in the picture a branch grew went down to ground, became tree?

This is a small place with trees and a snack store.
I have stayed in short time thinking of time I needed to come.....but the place itself is lovely.
If you have enough time (and energy, of course), you can visit with Baro Bazaar.

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