Travel Bangladesh with Mother & Sister (3) -Sylhet-

This time, I will introduce ”Nazimgarh Resort” in Sylhet.
It is located 7 km away from Sylhet city, but my mother is interested in the hotel so I booked this.
We have stayed in main building, "Garden Resort". 
 This is lobby.

So, let's see the room! 
Mother & sister. Tired??
This is bathroom with Jacuzzi!
However, electric outage happened when I used....so be careful.
All the room has balcony.
I was worried if we could be seen/could see neighbors.
However no need to worry, we didn't see any guests in our building.
Opposite of the building, there is a restaurant.
Besides, Spa, souvenir shop(though it was closed all the time).e.t.c......
I haven't seen anyone swimming, but I saw a staff cleaning the pool every morning........
We had dinner at "Hilltop" restaurant.
At first, we ordered soup.
(We needed something which stomach can take a rest....)

Mushroom soup.
Ginger was used for the soup, and it tasted really good.
 Then, tuna macaroni salad.
White fish with mushroom sauce on the mashed potato. 
Chicken served as chicken figure.
Apparently, the amount was too much....but all the food taste very good.
It would be a bit expensive, but if you want to spend relaxing time in a hotel, it's a choice.
By the way, breakfast(for garden resort guests) is in this Hilltop restaurant.
Except the garden resort, there is accommodation like tents(you may feel going camping) and place for BBQ, e.t.c.....

Regarding service.......ummmm.....I say, "so so" as for this rank of hotel.
But you can take a look if you look for a resort!

<Nazimgarh Resort>
Address :Nazimgarh, Khadimnagar P.S. Kotwali, District, Sylhet
TEL : 01730712600, 01926667444, 01841001201

Webpage : http://www.nazimgarh.com/


  1. Ah I came across your blog today and am loving reading your posts. It's really cool to know more about my own country from a Japanese person's point of view. Thank your for the lovely photos and reviews as well, very informative : ) ありがとうございます!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I am happy that if my blog can be interesting for Bangladeshi people, too! Dhonnobad.

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