Travel Bangladesh with Mother & Sister -Dhaka-

It was in the end of April that my mother and sister visited me in Bangladesh.
From the end of April to the beginning of May, there is a long holiday called "Golden Week" in Japan.
So, let me start stories of our trip.
On the first day, I went to the airport to pick up them.
I booked "summer Palace Hotel", and requested a car.
After waiting for a while, my phone rang.
"Oh, hello. Have you arrived? Passed custom?"
"Well.....arrived, but in Chittagong."
Chittagong is south part of Bangladesh.
What's wrong.
In deed, a plane couldn't land because of weather in Dhaka, and landed in Chittagong instead.
However, my sister and mother couldn't catch announce.
Though they prepared to get out from the plane, no one seemed preparing.
Then, they realized something was wrong.
Yes, something was apparently wrong!!
Anyway, they could arrive at Dhaka in the day.
They were too tired to have heartfelt greetings with me..
We hurried to the hotel.
Summer Palace Hotel is in Baridhara.
Regardless late night, welcome drink was served as we arrived.
Papaya juice was nice....
This is the room.

Clean and well maintained.
However, extra bed was too soft....
This is bathroom.
Yes, crab.....for some reasons.

Breakfast is buffet.

vegetables, meat, curry and egg.......
I ordered "normal omelet" which of course includes chili.
My mother and sister were surprised chili is used even to omelet!
But it is already too normal to mention for me...
I was happy for fresh juice.

So now on, they explore some parts of Bangladesh.

Summer Palace Hotel
Address:35, Suhrawardy Avenue, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212
Budget: $90~

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