Durgapuja in Mymenshingh (1)

Oct. 10-14 was Durgapuja.
It is the biggest Hindu festival which celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil.
It lasts 5 days.(she stays for 5 days)
At the last day, the statue of Durga was brought to river and thrown.

I planned to see the festival Dhakeshwari Temple and Buriganga river in Dhaka.
However, I decided to go to Mymenshingh(where many Hindi live) with a JICA volunteer, Jun who works as cooking instructor.
He works next building of my office, so I sometimes (or let me say ofen....) visit his office.
I decided to go with him at 11p.m. on 12th, and started on 13th.
Big holiday is coming for this Durgapuja and Eid (Muslim festival) in Bangladesh.
We went to Mohakali bus terminal, but we could only get ticket 2.5 hours later.
No wonder, it's before holiday!
You would better not to plan trip 11p.m of the day before your departure.
We arrived in Mymenshingh around 9p.m.
So, let's start visiting Hindi Temples!
It seems strange for me that "temple with light up".
But it is festival.
Young people are dancing with music.
It's like "Temple-Dsico!"
Using the front of a store, live band.....
Streets are also light-up!
People move temple to temple, dance with music all over the night.
Bengali people stay up late!
(and eat late....we had "second dinner" at 1:30 in deepnight)
When we back to hotel......it was nearly 2 a.m, but town was still awake.

Good night for this time!
I will report about the last day of Puja next time.

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