Durgapuja in Mymenshingh (2)

The last day of Durgapuja, statues are thrown to river.
We saw Durga statues carried by trucks from a boat on the river.

Music was played, Durga statues came.

Men carried statues, but big one can be 150kg.
It isn't easy to carry.

Once music stopped and announce was made because it was time for azan.
Hindi cares Muslim's praying time
This harmony is beautiful.

Muslims in Bangladesh isn't fundamentalists.
In general, Bangladeshi people don't care.......many things.
It works in a good way in terms of religion.
I, Buddhist can join the festival and no one seems caring foreigners taking pictures of their religious festival.
Even Muslims join to Hindi festivel, I heard.

There are street stands to sell toys or accessories.

A friend suggested me to buy something in memory, then pointed at hair pins whose shape is fish.....
Definitely, no use later.....
While I was telling the unnecessity, Jun bought the fish pinS.
Not a fish pin, but PINS.

OK, let's wear them together!

We are "Team Sakana(fish in Japanese)"

We laughed a lot only by this fish pins.
Some of us realized Bengali people watched us wondering our group wearing fancy fish pins.
Doesn't matter.

Later, we were again invited for dinner.
Menu is Duch curry for this special day.
With spices, it tasted very good.
With friends, one more picture(with toys we got in festival).
Thank you for letting me enjoy Puja!

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