Eid al Adha

Eid al Adha,  also called Feast of the Sacrifice was following day of Hindi festival, Puja.
There are 2 Eid for a year, and this time is the second one following Eid Al Fitre.
Let me tell story of Feast of the Sacrifice I heard from my colleague.
Prophet Ibrahim(Abraham) saw dream one day.
Allah told him to sacrifice the most precious thing for him to show submission to Allah.
Ibrahim thought and sacrificed his livestock.
But on the day Allah told him it shouldn't have been the most precious thing for him.
Ibrahim thought again and realized it was his son, Ismail.
Ismail accepted to be sacrificed as it's Allah's will.
2 of them hided their eyes, Ibrahim tried to sacrifice Ismail from the morning to evening.......but somehow he couldn't though seriously tried.
Ibrahim asking Allah for solving the problem.
Then, Ibrahim finally got feeling that he'd done, and open his eyes.
Sheep was slaughtered instead of his son.
Allah sent sheep from the heaven because what he wanted was not Ismail's life but Ibrahim's serious faith.

To remember this incident, people slaughter animal once a year.
This is Eid al Adha.
So, let's see how it is like.

From few days before, cows to be sacrificed are carried by trucks.
This is "cow market".

The one I visited wasn't a big one, but this line of cows lasted 2 km.

Cow may know what will happen...

This is another cow market.
Besides cow, some goods for the festival.
Round trunk used as cutting board.
Rope to tie cow.
Here and there, you can see cows tied in front of house. 
It was a little strange to see cows on every street.
This picture was taken in Baridhara where rich people live.
Tent for cow was made...and 3 cows were tied.
Cow usually costs 30,000tk to 40,000tk ($380-520).
But one of the cows costs 350,000tk($4,500), I heard.

Some people buy cow together with relatives and share.
I don't really get sense to "buy a cow".....but it is important Muslim festival.

I will write of the day, Feast of the Sacrifice next time.

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