Rajshahi -way back home-

It has been a long time since I wrote about Rajshahi trip last time.
However, to end the trip I write the last article for this trip.
I left Rajshahi by train whose name is Silkcity Express.
It leaves 7:20 from Rajshahi railway station.
The train won't be late because it starts from Rajshahi. 
This is compartment for 4 passengers.
(Can you see a girl's head over a man in white cloth?)
This most expensive seat costed 725tk. 

This compartment is used as sleeper at night, but passangers sit downside during the day.
What's special for this compartment?
You can go up to upper bed, lay down and sleep.
The first one can take the place.
That was me, in this case.
This is seat in AC car.
It seems quite comfortable.

Of course, food is availabe on the train.
For breakfast,

Bread               15tk
Fried Chiken    40tk
Chiken cutlet    30tk
one plate           80tk

For lunch and dinner, the same as above!
If you don't want to eat oily stuff in the morning, better to bring food with you.
I had bread with me, so only had a cup of tea.
Snacks are also available.
It is interesting people come and go with many kinds of things.
Journey from Rajshahi to Dhaka was short since I could sleep.
Huge amount of energy is necessary to travel in Bangladesh.
I recommend train journey not only to enjoy, but also to save some energy.

I finish writing trip to Bogra and Rajshahi here.
Thank you for traveling together!

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