World Tourism Day

September 27 was World Tourism Day.
The purpose is to raise awareness on the role of tourism in international society.
The day was chosen as the day the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted.

Theme of this year is "Tourism and Water"
2013 is declared as the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation.
Water is necessary in all industry including tourism.
Besides, tourism often comes with waterside such as beach, lake, water fall.....
Even in Bangladesh where no image of water tourism, beach in Cox's bazaar, Sadar Ghat(port in Dhaka), Podda river are counted as tourist attractions.
"Where water is, tourism is."

To show our presence, tourism related organizations rallied.
We, Bangladesh Tourism Corporation joined rally wearing the same T shirt.
I wouldn't have worn aqua color if I know our T shirt is yellow.
Aqua color was seen from yellow sleeve.....what's more, I wore aqua and blue printed pants.
Color combination wasn't the best.

Anyway, rally started from the front of Ramna Restaurant to Curzon Hall, Doel Chaty and closed at TSC(Teacher and Student Center) of Dhaka University.
We occupied road and walked.
I joined, of course.

I forget what their organization was.
They looks having fun, so I took their pictures.
Musical band horse-drawn buggy.
Rally was closed with speech of someone from authority.
Bangladesh is said "country with no tourism", but so many people in tourism industry joined rally!

At TSC, photo exhibition was held by our Bangladesh Tourism Corporatin.
3 of my photos were there! 

Can you see my name on left down of the picture?
My question is......
Am I a "Japanese Tourist"?
Really am I??
I don't know what' the intention of my office.......

Sminar which minister attended was held in the evening.
We including travel agents shared relation between water and tourism, problems we have now, prospects for future......e.t.c.

I didn't pay much attention for the day in Japan, but my September 27th in Bangladesh was filled with tourism.
Rally was carried out every year.
If you are in Dhaka at the time, walk with me next year :)

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