Not information of Durgapuja, but of Mymenshingh.
I want to add some more information.

We were looking for tea after dinner.
Then, found hot milk instead of tea.

I have never seen milk in Dhaka.
They add sugar into milk, and serve with glass.(so it's hot to hold)
It was good though I don't usually drink hot milk.
Then, Hotel Amir international is where we stayed. 

Room is clean.
In addition, from window, you can enjoy view of Bangladesh street (which isn't really clean).
AC twin for 1440tk
Hot shower is available because my friend who stayed next room could use hot shower.
I wasn't lucky as for hot shower.
Hope you get it :)
Breakfast is included.
Hotel staff brings to your room.
Tea is free though coffee costs 30tk for a cup.

We ordered black coffee which means NO sugar.
But somehow........it was sweet.
I understand that coffee is sweet if I say "less sugar", but don't understand how "NO sugar" coffee can be sweet.
Don't worry, staff brings another cup soon as requested.
I can say it was quite comfortable stay.

 Hotel Amir International
Address:Palika Shopping Center, 46, 46/A, Station Rd. Mymenshingh


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