Puthia is Hindu village located 1 hour by bus from Rajshahi.

To take right bus, you have to keep shouting "Puthia Puthia!!"
People let you get the bus.
Then, please keep saying "Puthia Puthia!"
People let you get off the bus at right place.

Taking Bangali(bicycle with board where you can get on) 10 minutes,
Siva Temple suddenly appeared.
It was impressive.

Then, this is Rajbari(Old lord's house).
Playground is spread in front where boys played Cricket.
 Opposite of the field, Dolmancha.
Guide book told tourist could go inside, but we couldn't.

Behind Rajibali, Pancharanta Govinda Temple
Terra cotta of Hindu temples in Puthia was beautiful. 
This is Govinda Temple, looks pretty.
There was remain of some building on water.It must be perfect place for kids to play!
(I just didn't want to go with my camera.....)
A big pond is in the center of village reflect the scene of village.
It was too hot to stroll around, but atmosphere is relaxing and make me feel stay there.
Only 1 hour from Rajshahi, you can't miss it.

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