Billal Hotel & Restaurant

I would like to introduce my favorite local restaurant (of course, CURRY!) near my office.
A JICA volunteer Jun Bhai working as cooking instructer took me the restaurant at first, and we regularly visited.(Now he went back to Japan, unfortunately)
His students told that the restaurant was good and cheap.
Yes, actually there is high possibility to run across students or co-workers.

The restaurant looks like thousands of other curry restaurants.
Inside looks like thousands of others, too.
Curry looks like thousands of others.......but it is tasty!

After eating Bangladeshi curry for a while, I can tell some differences.
It is difficult to explain and I can't tell the difference is because of spice or oil, time for cooking and so on.....but something is different.
The taste of this store became our favorite.

Food is sent from somewhere else.
There are quite enough kinds.
 I usually take a look at the kitchen, order what catches my eyes.
Fish curry(60tk), round ball is Botta made from dried fish or shrimp.
 Beef curry(60tk),
 Alu botta(made of potato) is 20tk, dar soup is 5 tk.
One plate of rice is 10tk, so all of these dishes for 2 persons cost 205tk(≒$2.6).

This day, we ordered a little more than usual for picture.
We usually order vegetables......then, it costs less than 100tk for 2.
Meat or fish is big meal especially if people have money.
Bengali people wondered why these foreigners who must have money only eat vegetables.
"Don't you eat meat? Chicken? Beef??"
Staff asks in the beginning, but doesn't these days.
Yes, please understand. I just like vegetable!

I doubt anyone tries to go to the restaurant, but in the case...
How to go
1. Go to Mohakhali
2. Find Hotel Abakash
3. Go one more southern street running parallel to the main road.
   then you will find on your left.

Bangladeshi curry makes us have sweet milk tea.
Don't worry, there are a lot of "Cha dokan"s near the restaurant.
Enjoy as Bangladeshi style.

*Pictures provided by Jun Bhai.

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