Old Dhaka City (2)

Second parts of Dhaka city tour.

After walking around wholesaler market, we went to Buriganda river for boat ride.
Thousands of boats go and come over the river.

I haven't introduced my co-worker.
It's he!

He was wearing Campain T shirt for World Tourism Day.
With a close crop haircut and sun glasses, he may look...should look Mafia, but he isn't(maybe).

People watched us, but me or him?
Maybe him?

After boat ride, we went to the oldest restaurant in Old Dhaka whose name is "Beauty Boarding".

The list of famous people who visited the restaurant was put outside.

This is inside.

A man served rice from a big bowl.

And......here are dishes!

They were different from the ones I usually eat.
It is Hindi style.
Banana curry, fish egg curry, bean soup...
They use less oil , so I felt it is more watery.
I like Bengali curry, but I always feel oil stays in my stomach after 2 or 3 hours.
At the day, I didn't.
It must be good for your health.

There were tourists taking pictures.
These days, many fancy restaurants are found, but rarely found the local restaurant where tourists visit.

The restaurant is in Old Dhaka.
Find and visit the oldest restaurant in Old Dhaka!

"Beauty Boarding"
1, Shirish Das Lane, Bangla Bazar, Dhaka

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