National Assembly

I finally visited national assembly in Dhaka.
This complex is designed by famous American architect Louis Kahn.
Among architects, this is said one of his masterpieces.
Construction started in 1961, and finished in 1982.
Louis Kahn passed away before construction was completed.
I remember the complex surprised me when I passed by the building by car.
Even though I don't have any knowledge of architecture, it impresses me.

When Diet is closed, the parliament is open to visitors.
Camera is not allowed inside.
We filled application form and paid 600tk for entrance fee.

The parliament is simple concrete building.
It is opposite image of my "parliament".
The image of parliament is more gorgeous with maybe red carpet or so.
Inside is made of simple concrete without any decoration.
It is designed to take natural light from outside so there are few artificial light. 

We visited library where the central pillar is.
It was thinner than I expected but huge pillar isn't needed if balance is well.
We also visited assembly room where often shown on TV.
The top of the room has unique design like umbrella.
Yes, it was umbrella which means "we are all in one umbrella"

One umbrella.....so, why don't you cooperate a little more!?
I can't help complaining because I have stayed at home for 3 days because of Hartal.
Anyway....national assembly is worth visiting.
You shouldn't miss it.

Northside of parliament, there is a park named Zia Uddan.
It is dating spot for the young.
The park is notable as the place the former Bangladeshi President Ziaur Rahman was buried.
In walking distance, there is one more building Louis Kahn designed.
The buidling is used as national hospital (surely damaged though).
But you can see some similarity with national assembly.
Visit National Assembly, Zia Uddan and this national hospital.
It will be a good walk if weather isn't too hot.

<National Assembly>
Time:Sunday to Thursday from 9:00am – 5:00pm
Fee :600tk(at entrance)
    500tk(Sonali Bank; Parliament Branch/ Farmgate Branch/ Lalmatia Branch)
What to bring:
copy of passport and Visa
Application form(if apply in advance)

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