Old Dhaka City (1)

Old Dhaka is south part of the city.
It is interesting place to stroll around, but I hardly go because it can take forever if traffic jam catches me.
But one day, my co-worker showdc me the Old Dhaka city where he grew up.
I have been there before, but it was a little different with a special guide.

So, let's start from Shakari Bazar.
Rikshaws come and go through narrow crowded streets.

There are variety kinds of stores, stores, stores.......

Music instrument

wedding stuff

Hindi T-shirt
Passing through the streets, we came where many Cha dokan were.
They use hot milk instead of condense milk.
This tea is called "Gabin Cha", and not usually found in other parts of Dhaka.

This sweetness is softer than one with condense milk.

There were many people in front of the store.
The owner so succeeded in this Cha dokan that he has building in Gulshan area.
The store's name is "Shahidullah's chaer dokan" where is located somewhere in Old Dhaka city.
I would like someone to try to find the store only by the name.

We continued walking, found "pita" which is baked stuff made from rice.
One was sweet,
one another was with no taste, but served with mustard.
They were good though it made me full.......but continued eating,
Left one is "Bapa pita", right one is fried Chapati.
Bapa pita is made from cocont, and sweet.

It was around 11 a.m.
They can be called early lunch.....but of course, they were snack.

"We are going to go to the oldest restaurant in Dhaka for lunch"
"I am getting full!"
"Don't worry, we will walk a lot"

So we kept walking to.....
Fabric wholesale market to

Book market to......
"clock wholesaler market" to "Gi(oil from milk) wholesaler market"  e.t.c...

There are thousands of wholesaler market in Old Dhaka.
It is the center of economy as my co-worker told.

OK, it passed noon.
Story half left is for next time. 

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