New Bhai Bhai Fressco Food Products

There are cookie factories near my house.
Bread and cookies are baked there, and delivered to "Cha dokan" or sweet shops.
I visited one of the factories.
You will never find the entrance by yourself...!
Staff welcomed and let me in the factory.
Near entrance, mountain of cookies and and bread.
Rugged guys making dough betray your image of "cookie factory".

He cut cookie dough.
Baked bread looks good.

It will be cut into pieces and baked again.
Young guys are putting bread pieces on oven plates.....with talking on the phone.
Or, young guys talked on the phone with working.
This process was amazing.
He put plates into a big oven with a long stick. 

After he's done, all the plates were placed in order.
It was beautiful.

The last part was packing.
A man scaled the weight, another man closed the package using fire of candle.

It is interesting to see all the process.
In fact, bread and cookies have quite high quality in Bangladesh.
Luckly, I got a bread when I visited :)
(Though not always expected!)

If you want to visit?
Get off "Uttar Badda Kacha Bazaar", and keep asking people "where is cookie factory?".
They operate 8:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m.

New Bhai Bhai Fressco Food Products
Address:#167, Uttar Badda Bazaar, Tetultola, Badda, Dhaka

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