Eid al Adha (2)

On the way of Eid al Adha, so called Feast of the Sacrifice, all the cows and sheep are sacrificed at a time.
I visited Ekmattra(NGO founded by Japanese) with JICA volunteer Jun bhai(who went to Mymenshingh together and who works as cooking adviser.)
He finally tried to cut up a whole cow!!
After praying, Muslims start slaughter cows.
We are worried "traffic jam by cow" (because road may be filled with cow's body), so started early.
But unexpectedly road was empty.
Instead, we found many people praying on the streets.
Finish praying, cows are sacrificed.
At first, men tie legs of a cow.

A men digged ground close to cow's neck.
It is for preventing blood from spreading, I realized later.
Imam is the first person to cut cow.
So, they must be busy at the day. (around 300-400tk for Imam) 

I made myself to ready to see cow slaughtered, so I was fine more than I expected.
I don't say it was fun, but was good opportunity for sure.
I would have never seen it in Japan.
Of course, small kids watched all the process.
No kids cried.
The first step is to remove skin, start from legs.

After cutting legs off, we just had to cut meat into small pieces.
But it was actually loooooong way.
I joined.
I worked.......maybe 20 minutes?
It was enough to make me tired!
I took a rest and walked aroung.......and found "cow marktet".
It was almost empty, but some cows were sitting seems bored. 
Back to home.
Meat were getting ready.

It was already 2p.m!
The meat became........curry, of couse!

So, here is...beef curry!
Beef currrrrry!

It was actually huge amount, but I finished.
(though it was impossible to eat beef curry again when renter brought beef curry to my room after I got home)

The meat is usually devided into 3.
One for yourself, one for relatives, and one for the poor.
The NGO is for poor kids, most of meat are stored in freezer for their meal. 

I got back home by bus.
Bus was full of meat smell........no wonder if everyone carry meat in plastic bag.

Beside roadside, what I found is........cow skin!!
Cow skin was sold at 1,300tk.
(and sheep skin for 80tk)
It was gone during the night.

I experience and see Puja, Hindi festival and Eid, Muslim festival with help of local people.
It may not be convinient time because some store would be closed, but must be interesting expereience.
If you got chance, I recommend to visit Bangladesh this time.

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