Rajshahi - Hotel Information -

Rajshahi is easy city to go around.
There aren't fancy hotels, but you don't come to stay at 5 star hotel to Bangladesh, do you?
Then, information below will do.

<Hotel Nice International>
I am only not sure who decided the name of this hotel.
It is colorful building located in the center of the city.
I explained my job and asked for showing rooms as always.
What pop and cute design!?
This room is for 1,700tk.

This is 2,800tk.

I want to bring this sofa back to my home since I haven't bought sofa yet....
(But actually I like this table much more than sofa.)
Anyway, your stay will be comfortable in the hotel.
Hotel Nice International
Address:Gorak Para, Rajshahi
<Parjatan Motel>
Parjatan Motel is located west edge of the city.

I wondered why Parjatan Motels are always located far from the center of city.
I asked, then answer was
"If people come for business purpose, convenient location is priority.
Here, tourist can stay calm place with large garden, getting away from noise of city"
Ummm.....surely they have big garden, or even walking path on their property.
Unexpectedly, stylish corridor!

This is AC twin room for 2200tk.
Bathroom is somehow pretty. 
The only problem is "hot shower" was actually "warm shower".
However, overall my stay was confortable. 
They also have suvenior store for silk sally.
Parjatan Motel
Address:Abdul Majid Rd., Rajshahi

<Hotel City Plus>
Rajshahi has morden rail staion.
It also has accomodation on the 3rd floor.
You can't really see in the picture, but room is big.
So big that you can dance or play boxing in the room.
The room is 2000tk.
Unfortunately, hot water isn't available.
It is good, but feels a little expensive than the quality of room.
If you take train in the early morning or arrive late at night, it's a choice.
Hotel City Plus
Address:Remodeling Rajshahi Railway Station(3rd Floor), Seroiel

<Red Castle>
It locates opposite of Rajshahi College.
I like the corridor very much though tourists don't stay in corridor.....
Room is......so so.
All the rooms are equippied with AC, and rate includes breakfast.
Hot shower is available.
Red Castle
Address :Serushar para, Rajshahi College Rd, Boalia, Rajshahi
Budget:Single (1,350tk/1,600tk) Double(2,000tk/2,500tk)
<Hotel Sukarna International>
The hotel is along crowded street near city center.
2nd floor of the building is front desk.
Room is usual Bangladeshi room.
AC Twin is 3 kinds, 1,000tk/1,400tk/1,600tk.
AC Single is 800tk/900tk。
WIthout AC, Twin is 600tk and SIngle is 400tk.

Hotel Sukarna International
Address :Co-operative Market, Malopara, Rajshahi


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