Bogra - famous yorght -

I love yogurt.
In my fridge, 2 packs of 500g plain yogurt and 1 kg of sweet yogurt are waiting for me.
I calculated my food expense last month, then realized I spent much money on yogurt than all other food.
Anyway...I was very excited to hear that Bogra was famous for yogurt!

We explored the city to seek yogurt.

"Asia" is yogurt store of name.
Inside was crowded.
Yogurt can be sold out by the evening, but we found in the day.
This is the yogurt.(Yogurt is "Doi" in Bengali)

160tk for 700g

It is difficult to explain.....but it was soft.
Soft and creamy, something was different.
It was sweet, but not too sweet to mix with plain yogurt.
It seemed too much amount to eat at once, but we finished easily after dinner.
There was no place to eat, so we brought it to a restaurant.
Bengali people usually allow us to bring food to a restaurant, even give us spoon.
We ordered small Doi(15tk) at the restaurant to compare.
Umm......something is different, but I can't explain how.
"Doi Gor"
It means "yogurt room" in Bengali.
There are many stores along streets, many kinds of yogurt on the shelf.
(plain, sweet, slightly sweet, "premium"....)
But we love Doi from Asia very much.
So.....we again bought the Doi and brought to hotel.
(It was sold out in the evening, but we found new one was brought when we passed by later)
Got to hotel room, and ate in one bite.....
It was goooood.
By the way.
During yogurt hunting, I found huge Misti at Doi Gor.
It should be small ball as you can see the back in this picture.
It must be boss of Misti......I found him near 7mata.
I don't dare to try the Boss, but please try him if you are brave.
Adress :Kabi Nazrul Islam Sarak, Bogra

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