Comilla -Hotel information-

Where to stay in Comilla?
There aren't really high-ranked hotel, but quite good hotel opened last month.
Please find some hotels below.
<Red Roof Inn>
This is the newly opened hotel in Comilla, located in walking distance from bus station.
Second floor is reception and restaurant.

They offered coffee as I talked at reception..

Room and bathroom look nice.
Bottled water and small snack are prepared. 

All rooms are air-conditioned.
Of course hot water, TV, fridge, and Wifi laundry service(with payment)are available.

The rate includes breakfast.
If you ask in advance, they provide western style breakfast (toast) instead of Bengali breakfast(porota).

Red Roof Inn
Address:1231/1, Nisa Tower, Race Course, Comilla

<Q Palace Hotel>
Unfortunately, they are renewing the building.
It is scheduled to open in the end of next month(Oct.2013).
But please keep in your mind.
Women will not be accepted to stay.
Q Palace Hotel
Address:Race Course, Comilla

<ASHIK Residential Rest House>
When I visited this hotel, staff was sleeping in mosquito net behind reception desk.
Sorry for disturbing!
But they showed rooms, led me stay while I waited for rain to stop.

Room for 1700tk
Room with bath tub is 2000tk.
Not especially fancy room, but fairly good place.
ASHIK Residential Rest House
Address:186, Nazrul Avenue(Beside Modern School) Kandirper, Comilla


<Hotel Maynamati>
Fancy pink building!
Above room is 1000tk.
Cheaper room is available....but don't expect more than the price.
It is located near bus station and sweet shops.
If you have limited budget, it's a choice.
Hotel Maynamati
Address:Hajimanshion, Race Course, Comilla

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