Comilla -what to see? (1)-

Suddenly, I came up to go to Comilla, 114km away from Dhaka.
It's often nonsense to make plan in Bangladesh.
So, I went with no plan.

I went to rail station without ticket.
So, I didn't get ticket. ......

I decided to go by bus though it must have been nice to travel by train with enjoying scene.
The bus station isn't like "station", just many buses are coming and going, picking up and dropping off passangers.
I kept shouting "Comilla!" until a bus picked up me.
Fruits, dates, chanachur, newpaper sellers came into as bus slowly went.

2.5 hours later, I arrived in Comilla.
The first place I have visited is Coca-Cola factory.
This is only one Coca-Cola factory in Bangladesh.
Photo is prohibited inside, but before one shot before we enter...

They showed filtration tank, bottoling, recycling process....interesting.
There are papers on the wall to encourage hand wash, alarm danger.
Achievement and goal are also shown.

Staff answered our questions.
Do you think Coca-Cola taste the same in all the countries?
It was interesting question.
The anwer is
"Ingredient and process is the same all the countries, but it can be different because of water quality"
If you taste different Coca-Cola in Bangladesh, it is because of water in Comilla!

We got Diet Coke and a small bottle for suvenir.

I didn't know Diet Coke was in Bangladesh.
So a staff gave, saying
"It's also our mission to let people know we have Diet Coke."

A bottle like test tube(see picture) is on the half way of recycling.
It is made from powder in the tube from used bottles.
The powder became the tube, and tube became bottle after blown.

The factory visit was quite interesting.
It is located near Maynamati War Cemetery.
So, visit at a time.

Cemetary was beautiful. Nicer if weather was nicer!
Comilla report continued...

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