Comilla -what to see? (2)-

Comilla report part 2.
I will show south west parts of Comilla.
Before that.....breakfast.
Porota, egg, and bean curry.
It is typical Bangladeshi breakfast.
(instead of bean curry, vegetable curry is commonly found)
After breakfast, enjoy sweet tea....and feel perfectly Bangladesh.
It costs only 40 tk or so.

So, let's go to BARD.
BARD's official name is "Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development".
This is famous institution for agricultural development in Bangladesh.
It can be interesting for tourists to visit and study a bit about Bangladesh...



After walking around for a while, I looked for someone to show me around.
Then, I was taken to Director in PR division.
He showed me conference room, sport institution, dining....

VIP dining (reservation needed)
Can you guess where this is?
Not warehouse, but souvenir shop.

I will tell you again, it's not ware house.
They even produce "BARD goods".
- Tissue box (45tk)
- Plate (190tk)
- Cup (225tk)
- Tie (275tk)
- Shirt (180tk/White, Blue, Orange)
- Pen (12-22tk)

There are accomodation for trainee.
Visitor can also stay.
Hot water, AC, and TV is available for the rate below.
What's more.....hair cuit is even available.
I doubt if barbar is needed in agricultural developing institution....
Well, maybe needed because customer was there!
If you are interested, you can watch video about BARD(20mins/English).
It is better to contact in advance, but staff will show you around if they find time.
Please check their website for contact and their activities.
There are some ruins near BARD.
The director showed me around even ruins.
The biggest one is Mainamoti ruins.(100tk for foreigner)
I heard 20 minutes was enough to see, but I stayed more than 40 minutes. 
There were boys taking picture of each other in rain.
......maybe for profile photo of facebook?
There are some ruins near BARD.
They aren't really big, but it is something that ruin suddenly appeared as I walked up to hill.
If you go to BARD or Mainamoti ruins, make a little side trip to small ruins spread in the area.

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